Abu Dhabi


I need to make another trip to Abu Dhabi.


  1. There is a lot to do there in terms of museums
  2. It’s close to Dubai
  3. I only have one post for Abu Dhabi and it’s this

#3 is a big driver for me. I think nowadays I travel to blog. Blogging is what drives me to visit places.

Is that a good thing? Bad thing? I have no idea. Let me know what you think yo! Okay enough of my shit, let’s go on with this post!

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is a MUST DO if you ever visit Dubai / Abu Dhabi. I included Dubai because it’s only an hour ish drive. So definitely make time for it.


We are not locals (duh) so we hired a tour guide to bring us there. Le Life Boss told me we could have rented a car and drive there ourselves. But….I was scared due to my experience in the middle east (okay, just Saudi)…let me tell you driving is a mess there!

BOY was I ever wrong though. I could have definitely drive to the Grand Mosque. So for those that want an adventure, rent a car, drive to Abu Dhabi.


These were the people I went to the mosque. Yes. Covered from head to toe. SO CONSERVATIVE. Seriously, they were not wearing bikinis or whatever to the mosque. But security shoo’ed them both away.

So the tour guide gave them a blanket to cover themselves with…….so yeah be prepared for that if you girls want to see the mosque.



Took some really kick ass and cool photos, in my opinion of course. You guys might think this is a total waste of cyber space…but hey I am trying! So give me some damn slack.



We only spent 1ish hour here. I personally think it’s because the tour guide wanted to go back home. Asshole. That’s why we didn’t tip you.

Seriously, it took us almost 2 hours to get there. Then you say “okay we will spend 45 minutes here” man get the fuck out.




I probably shouldn’t swear. Especially with these awesome zenned like mosque photos.

Wow the mosque can hold up to 1200 worshippers…..




The chandelier looks out of place…in my opinion…the colors are all messed up…





It was a pleasure walking around the mosque. Next time we will take our own car and do this by ourselves.

Tip – come around 6ish when it’s sunset. Much nicer.

And you won’t die from the heat.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 24 2017


  1. Fab post. Thank you as I head to AD in July and definitely will be visiting the Grand Mosque. I loved your photos. I did read I have to wear loose clothes and be covered so now know I will have to wear a bloody blanket. Sorry for swearing too.

    1. haha don’t worry. Hope you enjoy your trip to AD..do post about it! I want to see what other things there are to do there!

  2. I hear of people who choose to work there – the money, the closeted lifestyle, the wealth, the luxury. I would not work there, or support the treatment of women as second class citizens on principle. I love to see the cultural icons and incredible architecture, but spending your money there is in a way, agreeing that the other parts of the local ‘culture’ (and there are many disputes on that too), are not important. Well, culture aside, they are.
    (ps love your work!)

  3. Beautiful place nonetheless. Amazing photos, thanks for sharing them!
    And honestly I don’t understand how can people go there and get surprised by the locals asking them to cover themselves, specially in a mosque – you know that before buying the plane ticket, so you know what you sign up for.

    1. Totally get it. It is their culture and customs to cover up so I respect it! BUT..the liberal part of me can’t help but wonder if it’s fair or not..oh well..not for me to debate! It’s a great city and country!

    2. Which is exactly why I will not buy that plane ticket, nor will I spend my money there. Until they improve gender equality in their country they can keep their culture for themselves, and those that don’t believe in equality. Sorry, but that is what I stand for in this case! Come and join the 21st century!

      1. I agree!
        The only thing that was that I don’t people being all confused about the local customs. And it is also about respecting the location, the mosque for example. Regardless of the rest, that is a holy place and certain things need to be respected. There are many churches in the Orthodox world where women must wear something on their heads, of course, it’s not that strict, but the gist is the same.
        Of course, I must sound misogynistic as hell, but I’m not, I’m just trying to understand the culture and take it as it is.

      2. But, what is the origin of this ‘custom’? Yes, I also want to understand different cultures and customs around the world we live in. But when we talk about ‘culture’, ‘custom’ or ‘tradition’ – it is very rare that this has always been the ‘way’ in that location. I respect customs and beliefs of others but will not condone inequality in all its forms.

      3. it is part of their relgion (islam) i believe, though I am not an expert so not 100% sure..so yeah..what can i say?

      4. its true as well, we are visitors of this country so we should respect their way of life, whether we agree to it or not.

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