Hey Arabian Tea House…..

why don’t you take my nice looking photo and SHOVE IT UP YOUR F*CKING ASS YOU SHITTY ASS WANNA BE CAFE.

You have a nice outside patio. But You are the shittiest cafe house around. You have bullshit service. Your waiters fucking lied to me saying lunch serves at 1230pm. Your menu also fucking lied to me by saying lunch serves at 1230.

I’ve never felt so mad in my life.

You have nice decor but fuck off with your stupid ass lunch hour rules.



Look at this menu. See how it says they serve breakfast from 8 – 1230PM?

So one would assume, lunch would be served starting 1230PM right?

Like fine, you are supposed to be a breakfast place so I get it. You don’t want to start serving lunch early. We arrive at 1130 and I was fine to wait till 1230.

That was the rule. That was what was written. That was also what your server told us. So fine.

I’ll eat some dips while I patiently wait for lunch.

1230PM comes and guess what? I am now told I can’t f*cking order lunch because the kitchen is not ready.


I have to wait 1PM to order?

The fuck is this kinda shit?

Listen is not a big deal to wait another 30 minutes. I am not pissed off about this. BUT YOU F*CKING SHOULDN’T ADVERTISE THAT BREAKFAST ENDS AT 1230 you f*ckers.

If I had known you guys aren’t f*cking ready to serve your customers then I would have jetted my ass out of your shitty ass restaurant ASAP.



Yeah. Your dips were good.

Why don’t you take it and shove it up your f*cking ass well. Don’t f*cking come near me and ask me how everything is when I have already asked a godzillion times I want to order lunch at 1230 f*cking PM.  Your stupid ass dips and bread can f*ck off because I could’ve went somewhere else instead of sitting on my ass for 45 mins waiting for your f*cking lunch hours. 1230 comes and you tell me Brekky is now extended to 1PM go f*ck yourself.


You are the shittiest cafe around and I f*cking hate u. Come here if u want to wait and wait and be lied to and never have lunch. God awful.


Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 19 2017


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