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Nachos…I think

Nachos.  What comes to mind when you see “nachos” on a menu?  Tortilla chips with melted shredded cheese?  Black olives? Scallions?  Guacamole? Jalapenos? Pulled Pork? Chili?  How about SHREDDED LETTUCE?  We were shocked when we got our order of “nachos” at Archibald’s Pub in Richmond Hill and the tortilla chips & barely melted cheese was sparsely topped with tomato, red onion and SHREDDED LETTUCE.  In plastic portion cups, there was sour cream, salsa and pickled jalapeno.  This “nachos” was priced at $16 and did not come with any protein.  WOW!

On a side note, this place has over 10 different beers on tap which kind of made up for their pathetic attempt of making “nachos”.  Don’t remember them all but some of the beers include Belgian Moon, Caffrey’s Stout and Erdinger.



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