Hong Kong


I seriously wanted a salad a day after I came back from Korea.

Le GF can attest to this. I told her I wanted a salad.

A SALAD. this never happens. Met up with the life boss in causeway bay and she said okay let’s have lunch at Green House.

Sounds like a salad place right? okay! let’s do it!



All was well until we entered the restaurant, when I began to notice something interesting..

Something that would end this salad eating crave.

Every table had a f*cking pizza.

Well. Salad opportunity gone! haha.




I got a pizza. Like usual. What an idiot. Should not have had a pizza especially since I was not feeling 100% but I just can’t resist.

At least I got the soup. The soup was gooooood, super recommend it. I got the Hong Kong vegetable soup. It was full of vegetables.

I don’t know where the “Hong Kong” part comes into play though.


The pineapple / ham pizza that we got was average. I thought it was alright. Life boss didn’t like it.

I personally preferred more cheese….but overall it was not too bad…and it was’t too expensive either..


Why are there butterflies…

Oh right. it’s called Green House.



Ordered this wacky peach and ginger soda drink because I was craving for something fruity. Yah this drink was pretty good.

Overall not a bad meal. Total damage was only 350HKD (1 drink, 2 soups, 1 pizza). So pretty good deal for Hong Kong Standards.

life boss didn’t like it though so probably won’t come back. Sorry Green House.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 2 2017


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