The Dubai Mall Aquarium! is damn huge!

I never thought you could fit such a crazy big motherfuking aquarium in a mall. But hey, leave it to the emirates to do something you thought was impossible.

That oil money man. Can accomplish anything. Dammnnnnn.

If you are asking me right now if you should go to the Aquarium if visiting the Dubai Mall then let me tell you right now, HELL YES.

You can buy different packages based on your interests. I think there’s one where you can even jump into the tank. Of course we didn’t choose that one.

We ain’t adventurous like that. Probably cost a fortune too. I ain’t made of oil money yo. We got this other package which basically allowed us to do everything ASIDE from getting our asses wet in the tank.

And let me tell you.





During the walk through the tunnel of fishes I saw some people in a tank, in the waters. This is probably the “jump into the tank if you have oil money” package.

I don’t have oil money.

After spending 15 minutes taking shitty of photos of this tunnel (my iphone camera was not adjusting to the blueness well) we proceeded to our next adventure included in our peasant package.

The next adventure? A virtual reality experience where you get to learn about three animals of your choosing.

I chose Gorilla, Lion, and Sea Tortoise. 2/3 of my animals were land animals. Learning about land animals in an aquarium.


I must say I really liked the virtual reality experience. Moved my head and saw a lot of stuff. Actually I think I spent more time looking at trees and shit instead of the animals. Oh well. There was a point where I was swinging my head too hard the VR googles actually came off and the whole system just blacked out hahaha.


Yeah…I had to call for help to reconnect .. so sad.

We then went to the second floor where our journey continued. First stop? Lining up for this “ride” called the Dubai Aquarium Explorer.  Waited for 15 minutes.


Basically a fuck you experience. This was a stupid ride you go in and watch a digital turtle bring you around. It was kind of dumb.

And a waste of time.

Not to mention it was stuffy as hell like algae was going to grow out of the screen or some shit.

But like all f*ck you’s in life you can’t skip it. You have to endure this f*ck you to the next stage of the peasant package.

And my oh my, the next activity was super cool / damn awesome. We rode a boat on top of the aquarium.




All the fishes were following us and I was wondering whyyyyy are they doing this?

Then I got my answer. The staff members feed the fishes every trip.


No wonder these fishes are damn huge.

Oh! and the floor of the boat is transparent. See all the fishes swimming beneath you.

Just a brilliant idea.

Our expedition brought us to the final area which is a exhibit of all different animals. Mainly consisting of fishes. Look at these cuties fishes.





This alligator is one bad ass!  THIS DUDE IS HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE (that’s what she says).

I thought it was fake in the beginning.

And then it started to move. You do not want to mess with this gangsta here. shittttt you die for sure!


This was a super duper fun experience and I totally recommend all to come and visit.

Just know you will probably spend at least 3 – 4 hours if you want to check everything in detail. So plan accordingly.

Man that alligator though.





Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 16, 2017


  1. Okay as aquarium lover this has to go for my bucketlist! Your photos are AMAZING… When others spent about an hour in normal aquarium, it takes me like three hours. So going here would take forever from me to see everything 😀

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