Lunch time at a new office is always a disaster.

You don’t know where to go, you don’t know what’s good around the area, you don’t know if it will be expensive. This is why I go back to restaurants that are kick ass and I am familiar with.

That being said, it was the first day at the Bangkok office which meant we had to try our luck at new restaurants. Which is not a bad thing.  It’s only a bad thing when your dining experience turns out to be pretty shitty average. And that’s what I THOUGHT while dining at Tummour.

What kind of a stupid name is Tummour anyways.

Well it probably means something in Thai so I should not shit on it.

So why was this an shitty average dining experience? Let’s list out the reasons:

  • Everything was just spicy
  • We did not know how to order
  • Menu was confusing as f*ck
  • Dishes came out super slow
  • Dishes were small

I love spicy food. But man when every thing has no flavors you get bored of it fast.

We got this piece of paper where we were supposed to put our orders on. Confused as hell because it did not match up to the menu. And the menu? There was no pricing on it. Like damn I have to play connect the dots in order to know what the f*ck I am ordering. Not good when I am starving and just want to eat.

On to the food.

  • First up, spicy chicken. How was it?It was spicy .Untitled
  • Next up, a chicken dish, How was it? It was also spicy.Untitled
  • Next up, salad: How was it? It was spicy. How the fuck can a salad be spicy too? Man gtfo.Untitled
  • Because the dishes were smaller than my ass (my ass is actually pretty big so bad example) we ordered one more pork dish. Surprise Surprise. It was also spicy.Untitled

After this meal we decided as a team to not come back.

I be better off eating a piece of hot pepper.






Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 14 2017

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