Another blog post about a mall.

Seriously I am running out of topics to write about. Writing about any damn thing I set my eyes on. So yeah I am not surprised if no one gives a shit about this post because it’s about a damn mall.

Seriously a mall. I need to ramp up my game.

Anyways. Today’s lesson is about this mall called Terminal 21 in Bangkok.

The concept of terminal 21 is to mirror that of an airport terminal. Each level represents a different “gate” to another city. So I think each level has their own theme?

Like all malls there is a food court. Where you can order food. I have nothing else to add. Next.

You can buy mango sticky rice here.

The Thailanders, they love their mango sticky rice. And since Terminal 21 is a Thai Mall, of course they would have mango sticky rice. A lot of people were lining up for it so maybe Terminal 21 has some kick ass mango sticky rice? I was on my low carb diet so I didn’t have any at that time, but I will eat one before I leave this business trip.


It’s a well known mall so come here if you want to experience good air conditioning.


Picture of the mall, from the inside


Another picture of the mall, from the inside




Food court…….

Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 13, 2017

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