2017 Ponders


July 1 – In Shenzhen for the weekend!

July 2 – Shenzhen food so damn oily. Not a big fan.

July 3 – why is it rainnning so much

July 4 – went to see the big buddha. rained alot barely saw big buddha. then ball.

July 5- why is it raining everday in hk

July 7 – work so much new work!

July 9 – Great weekend in disney!

July 10 – Pina Colada day yesh yesh

July 16 – Wow 6 days without a thought. Went to the spa. It was great!

July 17 – Fake it till you make it!

July 18 – its still raining what the fuck

July 20 – Koreans know how to order Korean food best

July 22 – Had shitty poutine for lunch, great mexican or dinner

July 23 – Bitch ass Hong Kong weather observatory. Of course you do a T8 on a Sunday.

July 24 – did not sleep whole night because of my chest and back…

July 25 – Finally slept. Thank god.

July 26 – No one wants to play with LeBron. No one.

July 27 – Mornings should just be zen and free of emotions!

July 28 – thank god its friday

July 30 – What a relaxing weekend. And bought a rug!

July 31 – That’s a wrap!


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