Finally some awesome, kickass, delicious, satisfying food in hong kong!

After numerous occasions of eating food that I f*cking hate, I finally come across one I can crave about. And that my friend, is a restaurant called Potato Head.

Our first dish that we ordered was the boneless pork and OmG what a f*cking delicious dish. literally melted in our mouth.

Yum Yum Pork Belly!



I already knew it was going to be a really really kick ass night. so we ordered some cocktails to celebrate.Don’t remember what these were called but they were good, thats all you need to care about. Le gf says it was strong yeah dont know about that.


Free dips hells yeah sign me up!


One of their signature dish, grilled eel. I LoVE EEL.

so yes please! another delicious dish!


Cozy Interior

this place was very cozy. you either sit on the couch or you eat at the bar. we preferred the bar as it provided easy access to alcohol.


yep my second drink. some gin mix with absinthe drink. this made me tipsy which is awesome sauce because my high was starting to wear away so this was much needed. love the mug as well.



shit the chicken was juicy as fuckkkkkk.


This was so good! Noodles!

we ended off the dinner with carbs because why not?? argghhh so tasty, we ordered rice to just so we can mix the sauce lol.

love this place.

I will be back!

Written from Hong Kong, Airport on February 17, 2017


8 thoughts on “MR. POTATO HEAD

  1. I can tell you wrote this post…I like sitting at bars too for the same reason and sometimes I get free drinks lol.

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