I love local HK food and I love eating at Dai Pai Dongs (aka open air food stalls).

Love the vibe these places usually give off. Seriously, eating outside with a bunch of people drinking beer is the shit.  The food is usually good too, but I really just go for the atmosphere.

So let me start off with this. We had dinner at Lok Yuen Dai Pai Dong, and the food is super average. Super average to the point that it’s not worth taking much pictures of. So don’t come here if you want super good food.

Come if you want to have a good time!

Love food stalls
Old man staring
Not sure how hygienic this place is

Eating at Dai Pai Dong’s requires you to have an iron stomach because look at that picture above. That’s the damn kitchen. NOT the most sanitary kitchen you will find.


You need an iron stomach to eat whatever is coming out of that kitchen.

Typical Menu

Even though the food was average I still snapped a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure:

Average Chicken Feet
Average dish
Average seafood
Average Fish

We intended to go to this other dai pai dong in the same vicinity, but that place WAS PACKED. Which probably means its a good restaurant.

So note to self, must go there and eat.

Place is rocking!

I think you can take a mini bus from Sha Tin MTR (just take the bus that goes to Wo Che) to get to this place. How to walk here is a different story, I have no idea. Someone drove me here. But just ask mannnnnn whatever it’s not that hard.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 25, 2017


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