Recommended by our local friends we decided to eat at Eataly in the Dubai Mall.

When we got there I thought we were eating in a damn supermarket because that’s exactly what it looked and felt like. Like is the concept of this restaurant for me to buy ingredients and cook it at home and self serve? What the hell is going on?

But then I saw dining tables and service staff and all was well in the world.

#uae #dubai #food
Looks like a supermarket
#uae #dubai #food
Definitely a supermarket
#uae #dubai #food
Oh there’s the restaurant

Until the a staff member told me I can’t take pictures. Why the f*ck not? I am giving you some free promotion / marketing here. I mean I like your food (more to come later in this post) so why the hell can I not take pictures?

So screw them.

I am a badass and I took pictures anyways.

#uae #dubai #food
Their merchandise
#uae #dubai #food
Artistic Photo
#uae #dubai #food
More random shit in the supermarket / restaurant

Like seriously. I was taking pictures so that I can come back later to see what shit I wanted to buy.  Come on man, I am not a multinational retailing corporation that is going to steal your shit…

Enough ranting…on to the food..

#uae #dubai #food


I was going to order risotto or pasta but my love for Pizza, just never goes away. I loved this pizza. Dough was chewy (which I like) and there was just enough tomato sauce to keep it from drying up.

A bit soggy.

But nobody is perfect. Want a close up of my pizza? Here you go:

#uae #dubai #food
Beautifu. This pizza is beautiful.

How about an even closer one…

#uae #dubai #food
Love this close up of my pizza.


#uae #dubai #food

#uae #dubai #food

Le colleague ordered pasta mushrooms with truffles.  It smelled really good and I almost wanted to try but I didn’t because I was full as fuck from my pizza. I finished 90% of the pizza. so yeah…but the pasta was good per le colleague!

#uae #dubai #food


#uae #dubai #food
Classy drinks

Our alcoholic sugar drinks.  It was also good. Online reviews was also good. Our experience was also good (for the most part). Price was also good.

SO, conclusion? Not a bad place to dine if you are get super tired from walking in the massive Dubai Mall!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 2017



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