Eating pigeons.

So delicious. Some people maybe turned off at eating pigeons. But why? It’s the same as eating a chicken no?

Only the difference is PIGEON IS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS WHEN COOKED RIGHT. So glad we came to this famous pigeon place called Lung Wah, ignited my love for pigeons.

OH so good.

Hello there pigeon

The restaurant was also really cool, supposed to super old, like 1939 old. DAMMMMMMMM son.


Getting here was HARDDDDDD….not only is it not accessible by metro, but even if you drive you still need to park.

This place think they fancy huh?

Making people work for their food….

That being said..I managed to take some nice photos on our expedition to pigeon land:

Black and White
Hidden away in the trees
Not really a hotel


Very fancy decorations on our way to the restaurant.

Got in, sat down (wasn’t busy) and ordered what we came for.


Close up of the pigeon

From the website:

Pigeon also has the name “Bai Feng”(white Chinese phoenix). They are not only delicious but nutritious. One of the well-known Chinese medicines called ‘Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan’ was using pigeons as the main ingredient. Pigeon is so nutritious that it suits everyone to consume from children to elderly. Pigeon meat contains over 15% of proteins and has up to 97% of digestibility. It is also good for wound healing as well as protein constructing because of the Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) and Arginase it contains. What is more, the nutrition contents like vitamins A, B and E, calcium, iron from pigeon meat is way higher than chicken, fish, beef or even lamb

Looks like eating pigeon is damn good for your health!

Time to eat more pigeons!


Also ate sweet and sour pork because I was craving and because on the menu it was super recommended.

Life Boss’ Veggie

Yes I am glad they recommended it, it was damn good.  Ordered vegetables because I was eating with a girl.

Not sure why I took this picture


Was still super hungry but didn’t want anymore meat (yeah whattt???) so we ordered tofu, because it was once again recommended by the menu and it also had protein.

Yeah, not sure why this one is being recommended by the menu. Not that good.

I was thirsty as a desert safari. So much MSG in this shit.

A lot of chinese mainlanders here
Pretty cozy
Their Famous Tofu Flower Dessert

Despite the fiasco with our tofu dish, we still opted to try their tofu desert.


Because it was recommended by the menu and I needed something sweet to get rid of the damn MSG in my mouth.

Stupid tofu dish.

But this tofu desert was smoooooothhh like a baby’s ass.

So nice.

Gulped it down in 1 minute.

We paid, and was about to leave until we saw this light.

This light from far far away.

But not that far.

Like walking distance far.

We went to the light.

The hell?

A secret garden? Get the fuck out it’s time for a stroll!

whattt secret garden


Look at those pretty lightttssss. So romanttticccc. Anyone get married here?

Chasing Waterfalls

Good food, not crowded, with a secret garden. What more can you ask?

Man I really crave for some pigeons now after writing this post..

Too bad…someone cooked at home…more vegetables…and no meat….


My life.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 3, 2017


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