Choi’s Cooking Episode 8! Life Boss makes Shrimp Pasta, says it was too dry

In this episode I will write about Life boss’ shrimp garlic olive oil pasta.

Not sure why she chose to eat pasta, when I am trying go on a low carb diet.

Apparently I wasn’t on a low carb diet, which is sort of true as we had pizza the night before. God damn hong kong, you so hard to do a low carb diet. Anyways. Let’s get on with this post yoooooo.

Fresh shrimp yo

Firstly, in order to make Life Boss’ Shrimp Garlic Olive Oil Pasta, you need to have shrimp. We got the shrimp from Ocean 3 which I talked about in my previous episode.

Shrimp was damn fresh. You can also see we have some garlic bits with the shrimp. That is a necessary ingredient if you are trying to make Shrimp Garlic Olive Oil Pasta.  You then cook the shit out of it, on a pan:

These shrimp about to get COOKED!

Once the shrimp is more or less done, add some white wine to it to make it saucy yo! (BTW we got the white wine for free, sweet ass!)

Yum Yum shrimp drowned in garlic + white wine

F*ck that looks so good. I am so hungry right now. We had lunch at 11, and life boss would not let me eat afternoon tea. God damn. So hungry.

Life Boss says I am lying, but I am not.

Anyways, in order to make Shrimp Garlic Olive Oil Pasta, you need to also cook the pasta. So that’s what she did. I got nothing to else add.

Not sure why I took a picture of this

Mix that shit together, and you get the shrimp garlic olive oil pasta! So good. So gooood.

It looks pretty good!
Close up of the pasta

Life boss says we had too much pasta, and not enough sauce hence why it was a bit dry. Its  okay, it was our first time.

I loved the shrimp. But I am really hungry right now.

Veggie Soup. It was full of veggies

We also have a veggie soup. I have no comments to add for that.

“It’s asparagus soup” says Life Boss.

There is no difference.

Anyways. It’s not that I don’t like it, its just that its a veggie soup.

Stay tuned for our next cooking episode!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 29, 2017


  1. Haha!! you guys are so adorable. Don’t think you should cook the shit out of shrimp… Will dry it out. I am bored at work….😴😴

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