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Flower Child, Beautiful Child, I’m in your Zone (Drake reference anyone?)

Hi, Choi here. Since Little Liang  is lazy and didn’t want to write anything about this place, I am going to freestyle the shit out of this post, even though I was not there to eat, taste or see the food my self. (Little Liang commentary in this colour) 

Here we go.

This place (cafe?) is called Flower Child, located in Sydney (haha good guess right?). Why did Little Liang come here? Who knows. Let’s ask her later.

Little Liang went with her cousin, Little Lin.

Little Liang with Little Lin
Someones Coffee – Chai Latte
Someones Coffee – Latte
They had coffee. Who knows who got what. I assume the coffee was good since this is Australia. Australians love their coffee. I don’t know why. It makes me want to go shit right away. Yes, it was actually FANTASTIC 

Which is a good thing I guess.


Cool Decor
Cool Decor
Pretty cool decor! I must say. Why did I not get invited when I was visiting Sydney? Come on Little Liang! – Dunno, you seem more like a ribs and steak kinda guy

Salad dish. Probably not Little Liang’s dish. Contrary to popular belief, this was actually the Braised Beef Cheek with a poached egg on top. The beef was super tender and mouth melty, furthermore the cauliflower and pickled perfectly and provided a really nice contrast to the richness of the beef and the egg. 

Burger. Probably Little Liang’s dish. Burger. Good. Fries. Good. Nuff said 

Plants everywhere! How do they maintain it?!



Don’t know what the last two dishes are. I see a croissant…. You’re right, this is an eggs benedict in a crossaint. It was okay, not memorable but highly grammable. 



Overall, I think Little Liang had a good meal here. Would rate this place. 

If she didn’t too bad.

Photo creds – Little Liang

Commentary – Choi


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