2017 Ponders


Oct 1 – Very tired, walked around a lot. Gambled 1500HKD in 5 minutes.

Oct 2 – Life Boss needs to eat more. She does not eat. She hates eating.

Oct 3 – Craving green tea match soft ice cream

Oct 4 – Happy mid autumn festival!

Oct 5 – Day off! Did nothing but napped! And leafs won!

Oct 6 – Back to work ugh. Indians versus Yankees who gives a fuck

Oct 7 – Vegas Knights first win ever! And chasing dragon was an awesome movie

Oct 8 – great day at lamma island!!

Oct 9 – Life boss bought me a camera!

Oct 10 – too much msg…

Oct 11 – what is the revenant about…

Oct 17 – whole week without thoughts. Fantasy basketball starts tmr!!!

Oct 18 – Damn Hayward injury….

Oct 19 – trying this fasting thing. No more breakfast!

Oct 23 – Been lazy with my thoughts!

Oct 25 – mmmm fantasy team not doing so well

Oct 26 – Exercise, watch bball, play fantasy.

Oct 27 – Loving my sexy new blog layout!

Oct 28 – Woke up 5AM to go to Shenzhen

Oct 30 – Dim Sum is horrible for you

Oct 31 – Happy Halloween!

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