Couples Therapy 05. Watching Sports

Life Boss says:

Can you help me understand why some people are obsessed with watching sports to the point where the world stops and everything is put on hold for the 2+ hours when the game is on?

I understand if you have a favourite team, you’d want to follow and support them. But is it necessary to watch every single game, along with all the commentary shows and reviews about each play?

Wouldn’t it be more fun to get up and go play the game yourself?

Why is it so interesting? What makes it so entertaining and fun?

Choi says:

Watching sports is like a religion for men. I don’t understand why females are confused as to why men are so obsessed with sports.

Just like how I don’t understand how girls shop for hours and hours without dropping.

Watching sports (especially playoffs) allows us all to get away from reality, and for two hours be immersed in grown men throwing a ball. It’s really fun.

Further, it would be fun for me to go out and play sports. Unfortunately that requires me to get off my couch and not be watching sports.

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