Hong Kong


Why is it called SoDam Chicken?

What does Sodam mean? Did some googling and apparently…it means integrity? Any of my Korean friends care to share?

Regardless, the chicken here, was SO DAMN GOOD. haha. bad pun. As I wrote that, I for some reason have this feeling I have been here before….maybe I am just imagining things..did a quick check on my site and nope doesn’t seem like I have..

We got the spicy chicken wings because we love spicy food and for those that don’t man you are missing out. come on. Start eating some spicy foods..build up your damn tolerance. This shit is good man!



It was a Tuesday night.

So we decided to be posh and ordered some “ritas”…which is basically beer / cider poured upside down…I don’t know the Korean places have this..it is pretty cool but at the same time totally unnecessary.

This went well with the chicken that was damn juicy. I can see why this place had positive reviews on le internet.


I do have something I need to rant about.

I made reservations of 7PM and got in earlier. I sat down and the waitress told me if I sit down they will start the 2 hour limit timer (yes it’s fucking dumb to begin with).  I am like the hell? She said I can wait outside if I don’t want the timer to start.

Like listen lady, I do get it if the place is busy you don’t want my ass taking up a table. I get it. But fucker look at your damn restaurant.


It is empty.

I told her this point, she looked around and walked away.

That’s right. I fucking win .



Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 26 2017

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