Wasssssssup Roast!………..

So funny story, the restaurant we went to got their windows smashed (think from construction) so we decided to go to Roast because:

  • it was nearby
  • we were supposed to go there later in the week anyways
  • we hungry AF

So one restaurant’s lost (feel kinda sorry for them) was another restaurant’s gain!


I really have no story to tell about this dining experience. So I will go straight to what I ate.

I ate steak.

It was good (not the best, but good).


Our appetizer. I forgot what it was.

It was good.


My colleague’s dish. Pasta, bacon mushroom.

It was the best dish that night. So jealous.


Then we got this big ass waffle looking motherfucker because why the fuck not.

I think they are famous for their deserts because EVERYONE was ordering it.



I have nothing else to add. It was a pretty solid experience.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 23, 2017


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