Hong Kong


I have officially moved to Tsim Sha Tsui!

Just joking. I can’t afford to live in TST, I would be super broke yo! No, what I really mean is I have switched jobs and am now located in TST! So anyone that is near me let me know! We can have lunch!

Seriously..have lunch with me please. I have no idea where to eat, what to eat. I am also looking for good deals because I am super poor. Okay? Deal? Good!

On to this post. So as mentioned above I have no freaking idea where to eat. So it’s time to explore. Today’s exploration brought me to this restaurant called Brick Lane.

Brick Lane is an All day Breakfast place. Who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch huh!? Let’s do this shit!

Had a look at the menu and decided to go for the three choices meal. What is three choices? You get to choose three sides on top of two eggs. For 100HKD only! Pretty good deal!

I added smoked salmon for 20HKD because I was feeling healthy. Salmon is healthy right? Whatever. I wanted some fish in my diet yo!




I would give this place 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s breakfast food, not really sure how you can blow me away with breakfast food.

Unless it’s McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin.

Damn I love me some McMuffin!!!

Not bad for lunch. Price was reasonable too. Not sure if I will come if I am super hungry though. Just not super filling!

But hey at least I found a low carb restaurant! Always a good win!

All day breakfast menu
Locals enjoying their lunch
Front of the restaurant

Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 22, 2017

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