So this Lalai Sap market is supposed to be rocking per the internet……..

Quoting Bangkok.Com:

“Lalai Sap Market is a hidden bazaar tucked in narrow back alleys of Silom area and while Bangkokians all know about this place, anyone new to town driving or walking pass the market’s discrete entrance would probably miss it, no matter how vast it actually is. This market is a complicated mix of shophouses and boutiques connected by stalls and sidewalk vendors to air-conditioned mini malls and food courts. Located down the road from the famous Patpong market, Lalai Sap is a more interesting and more real, a bazaar mixed with a market selling less touristic stuff, offering an interesting window on Bangkok daily life.”

Sounds really good right? Well fuck me because this place was EMPTY!

Granted I came on a Saturday so maybe that’s why?

But that doesn’t make any freaking sense, shouldn’t they be opened on the weekend when everyone is off?

But then reading online reviews, the market supposedly caters to the office workers mostly. So okay…I guess that’s why this place was empty..

I got nothing to add to this post because I did / see absolutely nothing here.






Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 19, 2017


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