It was a Sunday afternoon when I got into Shanghai.

Feeling hungry, I went on Baidu (ugh hate that shit), and searched up what is good to eat around the area. I punched in “good restaurants near xintiandi” and the Gastro Bar called “The Refinery” popped up.


Walked into the restaurant, looked at the menu and saw a burger called “Refinery Burger” which has bacon, cheese, lettuce and a bunch of other shit in it. I was SOLD!

But I am on a low carb diet so fuck, what is a man to do when he wants to eat a burger?

Order the burger without the buns.


You are probably thinking damn, this guy is fucking weird.

Eating a burger without a bun?

Why don’t you just eat a fucking steak?

Well smart ass, there are two main reasons why I go bunless.

The first reasons is because I am broke as fuck, so I can’t order a steak.


Secondly, and most importantly there are health benefits when you do away with the bun.

Don’t trust me?

Let me list out the reasons why you should go BUNLESS!

  • Must buns consist of refined carbohydrates which spikes up blood sugar levels
  • Going bun-less means your blood sugar level is more stable, avoiding the dreaded after lunch crash – I can vouch for this point personally
  • Buns (and carbohydrates in general) gets digested faster than fat, making you hungry faster resulting in over eating for most people – It’s true. I eat a whole bowl of pasta and still get hungry 2 hours later. 
  • A small hamburger bun is already 120 calories. Most gourmet burger buns will be much larger so you cut out some calories there
  • Helps you maintain a low carb diet or get into Keto, if that is your end goal

But Choi, it might be healthier but it won’t taste as good. 


Look at my bunless burger and tell me this is not delicious:

  • THIS. THIS was so good. I don’t care if there is no bun. The avocado + bacon + cheese + tomatoes +onions+ lettuce + beef patty is a damn good combination. Cooked to perfection the meat. AND I didn’t get the bloated feeling. PLUS I felt full still. So yes, this shit can be delicious even without a bun!UntitledUntitledUntitled

Yes I ordered fries.

Yes those are carbs.

Don’t worry about it. This post is about BUNLESS BURGERS okay?

Stay on topic please.

Ordering a bunless burger does take some balls though.

Because when I specifically told the waiter I don’t want buns on my burger. He looked at me weird but since he was praying I would tip him he smiled and said “okay sir, no problem”.

Nope, I didn’t tip.

But prepared to get a lot of weird stares when you order a signature burger without a bun.

Final bill came to 176CNY.

Which in my opinion is not bad. Ordering a burger in Hong Kong would have costed me 300HKD which pisses me off because the restaurant is already making more margin on my bunless burger.

Anyhow, try the bunless burger will ya? And let me know how you feel about it!

The Refinery
Cool looking
North Star IPA
Final bill

Written from Shanghai, Andaz Hyatt on February 25, 2018


  1. I always eat it without a bun, as I have a celiac disease 🙂 And even if there is a gluten free bun available, without it it taste much better 🙂

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