This is another post about why you can not trust online reviews.

Not the first time I got burnt by these “raving” online reviews.

Seriously, who the fuck is writing these reviews? Or is my taste buds just messed up? Do I not have similar taste to the rest of the fucking population?


After going to Madam Tru in Hue I am beginning to question the reliability of online review websites and blogs (like this one).


Per tripadvisor (which has this place at a whopping 4.5 stars), this is supposedly a “great” local restaurant.

Even our hotel / tour guide recommended this place to us.

I am sorry to say this, but…….

No, you are all wrong.

fuck that

This is not a great “local” restaurant.

Because this is not a local restaurant.

It’s serving tourists like me. There was nothing “local” about this place.

The food was average, thus disappointing us severely because the rest of the world was over hyping this place. Not satisfied at all.

  • The pancake (bahn khoai) which was supposed to be one of their signature dish was hard as fuck. Pretty sure my jaw was broken while eating this stupid dish. Fail. Hue
  • The grilled pork wrapped in rice paper was meh at best. Life boss said she had better. Fail. At least it was spicy though. Untitled
  • Shrimp wrap was okay but it’s only because Life Boss said she liked it. If I disagreed probably would get my ass kicked. Untitled
  • We forgot what this dish was called but it’s shit anyways so who gives a fuck. Untitled

This was a fail of a dinner.

Not Impressed
Online gave it good reviews.

Hotel gave it good reviews.

Tour guide gave it good reviews.

Choi thinks its shit.

It’s probably not them. It’s me (says every girl that dumped me in the past).

Fuck you Madam Tru, not coming back ever (not that I will be going back to Hue anyways).

Final words of wisdom. Don’t trust online reviews.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 24, 2018

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