What to do in Frankfurt when you only have one day?

I was told there is not much to do in Frankfurt. I don’t know, I think it’s a beautiful city. But as usual I am lazy as hell so I left planning of our one day itinerary to Life Boss.


Plus we landed at 6AM (took the red eye) so I was tired as fuck.

Luckily for me, Life Boss is always on top of things and planned an awesome one day in Frankfurt!

Here’s what we did!

Lover’s bridge.

I was with Life Boss in Frankfurt. So naturally we had to go the most romantic place in Frankfurt. Which apparently is the bridge appropriately named “Lover’s Bridge”.



Don’t know if it was romantic for us though. Again we were tired as hell so no romance was probably in the air that day.

Still was a lovely walk on the bridge!

Next up!

Old Town.



Lovely walk in the old town as well. Reminds me of the Marian platz in Munich (cold as fuck when I went there told). Nothing too special to see here. Actually was quite bare, but seems like Frankfurt isn’t your typical tourist hot spot anyways.

Which was fine for me.

Finally we went to a shopping area.

Because I was with life boss. So naturally she would like to window shop. We didn’t buy anything though since our suitcase was already packed as hell. Buy any more items and we would have had to wear everything single piece of clothing on to the plane.


That’s all we did in our lone day in Frankfurt.

Yes. Not much. But we only had one day. And we were tired as fuck.


So tired that we went to sleep at 6PM.

Woke up at 11PM and was wide awake. Fuck jet lag!





Written from Toronto, Home on July 16, 2018


      1. Well, it seems that You did not walk on the street called ZELL. It is a long street and, on both sides, there are cloth shops, Small boutiques and big ones. German clothe are beautiful, colorful and high quality!

        Our favorite ones are Kaufhof and C&A. C&A is the best which have found in the Europe.

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