Hoi An


Oh my god, tailoring is so damn cheap in Hoi An!

Like how cheap?

Like 130 – 150 USD per tailored suit cheap.

Like 30 bucks per tailored shirt cheap.


If you can find a better deal you let me KNOW NOW!  But even if your tailor is cheaper I will still have to challenge it because the quality here is simply, the best.


But Choi, I am not a guy. I don’t make tailored suits.

Okay. I must assume you are a lady.

No worries.

Go order a tailored dress!


That’s what life boss did. Though I must say girls take a much more complicated approach when buying clothes. They think about all these difference aspects like “Ohh this will only go well during summer” or “I can only wear this on Tuesdays” or “This makes my ass look not as big”.

It took life boss almost 2 hours to pick out 2 dresses.


It took Choi 30 minutes to get 2 suits, 3 shirts, a pair of shoes and a blazer.

What a difference .

The tailor that we went to was called Yaly Couture.

They have three branches, in which we went to the Tran Phu one. Really good tailors, everyone was nice and helpful. They were super skilled too and was able to spot out small problems with my suit.

If they hadn’t pointed it out I be like cool, I can bring these bad boys home now.

I am so satisfied with them that I will be ordering online again (they have my body measurements).

good job

Speaking of measurements…

You are going to be super impressed with their technology.

Once I had picked out my fabric, my lovely assistant Becky took me to the back of the shot to have my body measurements read. It looked something like this:


Yeah doesn’t look that impressive right?

Well there is a second part to this. After taking my measurements Becky took me further back, to a cooler room and told me to take my clothes off.


Am I in some dodgy tailor shop?

haha no.

This is a legit shop.

She wanted my clothes off so that the machine can scan my body and make a mould out of it. This ensures my future online orders will fit perfectly (unless I get fat).

And no. She was not in the room when I took my clothes off you dirty people.


It took the shop only 2 days to finish our suits / dresses / shirts. So this is perfect for all travelers that only have limited time in Hoi An. Just tell them you are only here for 2 – 3 days and they will get this shit done for your before you leave.

Such a good tailor.

Such a good experience.

I will be buying more later on!

Hoi An

Written from Frankfurt, Westin Grand on June 25, 2018

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