What a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

I think Winter is done guys! Although I should not jinx it. Mother nature has been unpredictable, so lord knows it may start snowing again tomorrow (it’s April 6 as I am writing this). Regardless, it’s 10 degrees right now, sun is out and life boss is in a good mood! We are off to a great start this weekend. After exercising for 20 minutes (hah!) we were both hungry. Life boss loves the St. Lawrence Market area so naturally we went there, plus we had to go grab groceries too (life boss needs to cook, she think it’s healthier).


We walked around the area and decided to eat try out Paddingtons Pump Bar. Okay, when I say we decided I really meant Life boss decided because basically she decides everything that happens in our lives. No jokes. She denies it, but it’s absolutely true. There’s a reason why she’s called life boss.


Sat down, looked at the menu, and went on Yelp.

Rant time.

These damn yelpers that are titled “elite”, are their reviews even reliable now? Are they just doing it for the fame and popularity? Do the restaurants give them special freebies so they make good reviews? I don’t know. I find google reviews to be much more reliable than yelp. I have been burnt far too often from yelp.

Choi why did you go on Yelp in the first place then 

Good question. I don’t know. Fuck you.


I ordered the swiss mushroom burger while Life boss got the breakfast on a bun. Breakfast on a bun.

What the hell does that even mean?

I didn’t ask life boss this question because she will make a comment about how dumb I am. So I kept my silence. It basically looks like a grill ham and cheese kaiser bun to me. Not sure why they call it breakfast on a bun. It also had peameal bacon in it. I tried it and DAMN it was delicious!


This photo doesn’t do the sandwich justice. Pretty shitty angles, not enough close up pictures, you can’t really see whats inside. Sorry. You will just have to deal with it. My swiss mushroom burger was pretty bad ass too, the ground beef was damn delicious. Although the bun was too big for the burger. I’ve said it many times:

The bun should not be larger than the actual beef patty yo!








What a delicious meal! The food itself is worth coming here. However, for you coffee lovers there’s another benefit for coming to this pub: Bottomless coffee! I am not a coffee person myself (I get bloated like a fucker), but I still had two cups of coffee. Meh. It’s the weekend, I should do / eat whatever I want. Life boss thought the coffee was standard, but then she’s a pretentious Australian that has over the top, nonsensical, unreasonable expectations of coffee. Actually, that’s most Australians.  I hope she doesn’t read this, I am going to get my ass kicked if she did.




This was a great way to spend our afternoon lunch! Super recommend this place to everybody that likes good food, all you can drink coffee at a reasonable price (we spent $35 in total). Not a bad deal!

Added on March 1 2020 – Lumberjack Sandwich
Added on March 1 2020 – another lunch here

Written from Toronto, Home on April 6, 2019

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