Man I am wayyyyyyy behind in my blog posts. I have about 10 in queue.

Just got really lazy, and I have been flying everywhere. Just no time. but no excuses! Let’s do this!



St Lawrence Market is supposedly one of the best food markets in North American. I don’t know about that, seeing that most night markets in Asia kicks it ass. But hey, different geography, different expectations right? We decided to visit here after lunch hours because I am a dumbass. We really should have had lunch here. There were a lot of seafood stands, sandwich places etc. Instead we opted to eat PHO before coming here.


But PHO is delicious so you can’t really blame me.

There’s over 120 vendors here, with two main floors. I really believe if its during lunch hour this place will be super packed. People probably come here for lunch or what not. There’s also a farmers market during the weekend where you can get fresh produce. I would not know.

Never been.



When I used to live in Toronto I never really ventured into downtown because it was just too damn far. Not to mention I have to pay for parking.
But after this go around in Toronto, I realized there’s just so much more I haven’t done in Toronto.

Next time I come back I will do a lot more.

Next time I come back it will be winter.



Written from Hong Kong, Home, September 18 2016



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