Eating in China is always shit.

The food can be good, sometimes even great.  But they dirty man. They dirty as fuck.


We were staying over at Shenzhen for a long weekend (vacationing) and decided we should check out the local eateries.  One thing that consistently popped up on google was the “Seafood Street”.

The Seafood Street as you can imagine is where you eat seafood.  We chose the restaurant that was recommended by concierge.  To their credit that restaurant was the busiest out of all the other restaurants, so I guess they were doing something right.

Now the food was not too bad, I particularly liked the clams, because they loaded it up with Garlic.  It was like garlic did not cost anything in this restaurant.  The amount of garlic they put on was absurd.  But because I like Garlic, I like this dish.

We also ordered oysters, veggie etc.

 They were meh.

Nothing too impressive.

But definitely edible.

The only beef I have with this place, is that it’s damn dirty.  The floors were wet, the table cloths were damp, and I swear that was a piece of rice on my chop sticks.  Fuck my life .




I love local ghetto restaurants, don’t get me wrong.  I am not a princess that needs everything to be super clean. But man when my table is dripping with water, I ain’t going to have a good time.  When I a slipping everywhere, you know I am not having a good time.

For locals this place is probably the shit.

For foreigners like me this place, IS shit.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 8 2016



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