Airlie Beach


Little Vegas is a burger place that was HIGHLY recommended to us by our hotel front desk.

Now, you know I am an avid burger lover but really that had nothing to do with why we came here.  There is literally 5 options in Airlie Beach, and it just so happens this place came with a recommendation.




We went here for lunch after taking a one hour nap at the beach.  Side note, my favorite kind of vacation are the ones where I eat and sleep.  That’s it. haha.  So yes, after we woke up from our slumber we headed over to Little Vegas for a meal.


I ordered a “normal burger” called the Hot Streak, which consists of beef, chedder, guac and an onion ring.  Sounds pretty big right? I thought so!

But really, this post is not about my burger.  This post is not about me eating a gigantic burger.


This post is about my colleague (a petite female) eating a burger, called the steaktanic.

what the hell is steaktanic.

Let’s list out the ingredients:

  • steak
  • onion
  • onion rings
  • avocado
  • bacon strips
  • egg
  • brie

Holy shit, that is one huge ass burger that she is eating.  I didn’t mention it came with fries right?  Well it came with fucking fries.


Holy shit.  She is eating a huge ass burger.

That is one huge ass burger.

I sat there in awe just watching her devour that burger.

Of course she wasn’t able to finish the burger and the fries.  But she did some good damage to it.  The steak was almost gone, egg was half eaten, think there was about 3 strips of bacon left (there were six to begin with).  So she did pretty good given that the burger weighs almost as her.


That was one..HUGE ass burger.

Oh she also drank beer.


My gosh…….animal.



The burger was good, i liked it.  I mean my normal burger that was I didn’t get a chance to ask my colleague what she thought because she passed out right after.  But it was a bit expensive, around AUD20 per meal?  Yeah….that’s pricey.  But, there is a lot of ingredients and I guess they run a monopoly around here.

Guess you can charge high prices, but people will still come back if your food is good.

But seriously, that was one huge ass burger.

Written from Sydney, Sheraton on June 17 2016


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