Was CRAVING for Cuban food.

Not a random craving since we just got back to Toronto from our Cuba trip.

But then it might be random since all the food in Cuba that we’ve had wasn’t exaclty Michelin starred.

Mmm. Bad comparison. Most Michelin starred restaurants that I have been to was quite overrated.

Okay let’s rephrase that. Most of the food in Cuba that we’ve had was quite normal. There. Much better.

good job

I am going to go on a tangent here. Who the hell decides on what restaurants should be “Michelin Star” anyways? What is the criteria? Just because you like the food doesn’t necessarily translate to ME liking it.

These “critics”. Sigh.

Not Impressed

Let’s get back on topic.

I have an asshole friend that is weird with his eating ways, aka does not like meat but will carb up like there’s no tomorrow. Basically I am low carb, and he is high carb. Asshole friend likes to do the opposite of what I do.


However, I must say my asshole friend did well on this particular day as he took me to this awesome Cuban restaurant called LA CUBANA.


Reviews were quite good online.

It’s true, look at these average ratings:

  • Tripadvisor – 4.5 stars
  • Yelp -4.5 stars (Also listed as a Top 10 Cuban Restaurant in Toronto)
  • Google reviews – 4.5 stars
  • Blog TO – 4.5 stars


Very promising! Definitely one of the best Cuban restaurants in Toronto.

On to the food.

  • First up. Red bean soup. What the hell? Isn’t this a chinese dessert? Why is it here in a Cuban restaurant? Random! This was so good and was piping hot. Much needed on a cold winter day.Untitled
  • Ham and cheese. Is this really cuban? Not sure. But damn melted cheese with ham, cooked to perfection. Two thumbs up!Untitled
  • Yuca fries. What the hell are Yuca fries? It’s a vegetable fries? Asshole friend made me eat veggies? Asshole! But…this was also pretty good..Untitled
  • My favorite. SHORT RIB BURGER. Melted in my mouth! So hungry now…Untitled


Asshole friend did very well in bringing me to this restaurant!

good job

You all need to book a ticket, get a cab, ride a horse, whatever transportation you need to get to Toronto to try this out.

So damn good!

There are four locations, the one I went to was Ossington! For other locations go to La Cubana’s website.


The damn delicious meal


Cocktails anyone?

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 15, 2018

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