Guys and Girls, how do you deal with eating spicy food?

That’s the question I had when we ate at the Ban Anou Night Market. Especially with life boss not being able to eat spicy food.


Every time she eats anything that is remotely spicy she goes crazy, like a volcano that just erupted. It ain’t pretty.

And then the day after she would tell me “What do you always make me eat bad food?”.

Well firstly, spicy food is good for you! Well in my opinion anyways. You get to sweat, toxins come out, you feel better after etc etc.

Secondly, why do you eat spicy food to begin with?


Because Life Boss doesn’t give a shit, she eats what she wants.


That being said when she started eating this spicy papaya salad (and started dying) I started to think what are the remedies to spicy food. This is what I thought of.

  • The papaya salad that we ordered at the night market. The food stall lady asked me if I wanted full spicy, I said “OF COURSE”. Life Boss ended up having one bite and said fuck this. BUT this was definitely one of the spiciest shit I have ever eaten in my life. Sweated like a pig. imageimage

Side note – Life Boss was not happy after taking a bite of the papaya salad. haha, think she wanted to kick my ass:



# 1 – Drink Alcohol

wow really
That’s right. # 1 and most important remedy, is to DRINK alcohol. I don’t know if there is any medical evidence to support this claim, but I know I always feel better after a beer or cocktail. Just make sure it’s damn cold. Warm beer ain’t cool.

Eat spicy food? Drink a beer.

Delicious Beer Lao

# 2 – Chill out. Walk around. Sweat it out.

If you are dying in your mouth. Don’t worry. It will go away.

Just like your other hardships in life, time heals all. Don’t worry.

Wow pretty emo yeah?


But really, stop complaining.

Get up, walk around, sweat it out.

The pain will pass.


# 3 – Eat non spicy food

1 – 1 = 0. So if you eat spicy food + non spicy food it should cancel it out.


Yeah. That’s a pretty bad comparison haha. But whatever.

But I do feel better when I eat non spicy food after eating spicy food (again doesn’t make sense).

It just calms your taste buds down. So do it, order some non spicy food.

But don’t be a dumbass like us. We thought we ordered non spicy food but…it turns out to be spicy still.

  • Some tofu shit that we ordered. We thought it would not be spicy but it was. Life Boss barely at this dish too. image
  • Stir fry prawn dish. The only non spicy food that we ordered that night. It was good, this helped calm down our taste buds right away. image

There are other remedies you can find on the internet.

You know like drink milk or some stupid shit like that. Come on, I ain’t going to drink milk while eating dinner. And it doesn’t help I am lactose intolerant.

So guys – what do you do when you eat spicy food? How do you calm your taste buds down? Let me know!



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2, 2018

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