I love sunsets.

I mentioned this in one of my Dubai posts, the sunset is just so damn sexy to me.

Soothes me, calms me down, allows me to take a break and think about life.


I guess Life Boss knew about this so she wanted to take me to the Mandalay Hill. Per the internet Mandalay Hill has the best view of the city. Add in the sunset and you get a super sexy photo opportunity just waiting to be captured by my sexy camera.

So off we went to Mandalay Hill to see the sexy Mandalay sunset!

How did we get there?

There are numerous options to get to the hill. One option was to walk all the way up (about a 30 – 45 minute hike). Did Choi do that? Fuck no!

fuck that

It was hot as fuck that day in Mandalay (and basically our entire trip in Myanmar), so I was definitely not going to drag my ass up there.

The other option was to take “public transport”.  What comes to mind when you heard the words “public transport”? A bus right?

Well apparently in Myanmar it means you are sitting at the back of the truck.


Yep, and that’s what we rode to the top of the hill. Thought I was going to fall out a couple times but we survived. Can’t believe this is what they call public transport…haha.

We finally arrived at the hill.

Unfortunately it was only 5PM which meant skies were blue, sun was bright. Also means no sunset yet.


Well that’s a fucking fail. So what’s one to do when there is so much time?


Lie down and not give a fuck!



To be fair I wasn’t feeling 100% that day so I needed to lie down regardless and nap.

The 10 min nap made me feel so much better.

People probably thought I was weird, probably though “what the fuck is this guy doing”. Well Choi doesn’t give a shit!

After an hour the sun finally started to set.

Sweet! Out came Choi’s sexy camera and time to start snapping some sexy photos of the Mandalay sun set!




Damn beautiful sunset. Definitely one of the best viewpoints in Mandalay hill.

I love watching the sunset. It’s also very romantic so that gives Choi some brownie points with her (hah!).


After we were fully satisfied with all the videos and pictures that we took of the sunset, we proceeded to leave via the elevator.

And that’s when we got fucked hard.

Elevator at the otherside

We waited, and waited, and waited for the elevator. It finally came up 15 minutes afterwards. We got in, and BAM the power went out.

At least the door was still open. The elevator door could have been closed, and we would have died from the heat.

We asked the locals how do we get down now.

They said we had to walk all the way back down.

Usually that is okay.

Except for the fact that we were barefoot.

Ugh. One of the most disgusting walks of my life. At least the sunset was beautiful!



Written from Hong Kong, Mira Moon Hotel on June 10, 2018

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