First meal in Positano!

Man first of all what a fucking beautiful place. Even though I just told life boss I think Piran is nicer, this place is not shabby either! I was still super jet lagged so we decided to eat early. Like 6PM early. Too bad the restaurant we wanted to go to (Buca Di Bacco) wasn’t opened till 630PM. Man these Italians really like to take their sweet ass time. Alright fine, we will wait for you (mainly because life boss said you had good pizza). We went to a nearby bar for drinks and waited till 630.

Then 630 came and we went to the restaurant. Sat down, looked at the menu and a what the fuck moment came. Why were there no pizza selections on the menu? We were told the pizza was super good here? well, the waiter looked at us like we were both dumb fucks and said “No, no pizza here. Pizza downstairs”. Well I felt so dumb. We didn’t want to leave either at this point because we already sat our asses down and would look so ugly if we left now. So we decided to stay.

I ordered the seafood pasta, and life boss ordered the seafood risotto. YO! Both of the dishes were super delicious! I am not a big seafood person (as mentioned in many previous posts). But man this was one was so good. I devoured my pasta in 10 minutes. So did life boss. Oh, we also ordered octopus which life boss kept raving about. It was good, but I am not going to waste any of my time writing about that! Loving Positano so far!

Gorgeous views
Our octopus
life boss’ risotto
mah pasta

Written from Positano, Italy, on October 20, 2019

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