I had the option of choosing a gift card for any restaurant of my choice.

Okay – not really any restaurants. A select few of restaurants. And Loose Moose was one of them. I had drinks previously at this bar / restaurant so I knew it was a hopping place. Huge variety of beers available for consumption. But this time, not only did we do drinks we also ordered food!

Yes…mainly because I got a gift card for it.

But still.

I made reservations for 7PM and as usual I was late.

I had drinks prior to this with colleagues so life boss stop being mad. Sat down and ordered another beer.

Okay. Life boss can get mad now.

Been drinking too much. Since I already had a drinking session in I was hungry as fuck! Got this burger that a slice of bacon in the bread. Huh? Okay sure, it tasted good anyways so whatever. The burger patties (two of them!) was quite juicy. I enjoyed this meal, and so did life boss. That means this is a kick ass place! Good burgers, good service, good beers. Everything I need in a good pub / restaurant =).

My burger
Our two burgers
life boss mushroom burger it was delish
and dessert!

Written from Thunder Bay, Days Inn on November 11, 2019. 

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