Life Diary


Welcome to Day 16..

The government just extended the state of emergency for another two weeks. Meaning we must be isolated for another 2 weeks. Not sure how we are going survive.

Anyways, on day 16 something interesting happened. Our TV arrived! Haha, the TV that was supposed to be for life boss so she can have a separate monitor. But…turns out the monitor is a bit too big..and we live in a small condo so we don’t know where exactly to put the TV.


But at least i have 3 TVs to watch sports with…oh right there are no sports at this time.

Another fail.

Okay, on to another topic. The topic of food.

For lunch we ordered hey noodles because they had this buy one get one free deal for 15 bucks. Well, another fail because when we tried to order it online the deal was gone! It was replaced with another deal, but for 17.50..and it didn’t come with free dessert either. The total came to $20 which is about the same as eating out. Lol. Sigh another fail.

You know what was not a fail? Life boss cooking! Yes. She cooked baked pork chop fried rice. Was damn delicious. Life boss cooking getting better and better!

That’s it for day 16!

Life boss new tv monitor
Life boss ate lunch without me
Delicious Pork Chop
My noodles

Written from Toronto, Home on March 30, 2020

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