Wait what? I never blogged about hunters landing?

How is this possible? Hunters Landing is a restaurant that is right below our condo. And we have gone mannnny times. Uh, fail much Choi? Or maybe I did blog about it and just can’t find it on my site. My site is not that user friendly to be honest. There are times where I can’t shit.

Yes it’s sad.

But oh well. This was meant to be my diary so fuck you all.

So life boss is officially off which means we get to go party. Aka go to patio. Because she is constantly tired we decided to go to Hunters Landing. Good thing we did because I may never have a chance to blog about this place again (we are moving).

Tried to get a seat, but then was told there is a 20 minute wait. Fuck. Fine, there is nothing else nearby anyways. 20 minutes went by quick and we got a text saying the table is ready. nice shit.

Sat down and I ordered a pizza.

She sat down and ordered nachos and Korean cauliflower.

Who eats more huh?

I did get a beer too. Getting so fat.

Yeah, the pizza was aight. Need more cheese.

The Nachos were FABULOUS. Because it had a lot of cheese.

Cauliflower was quite delicious too though I only have 2 pieces.

Hunters can be hit or miss in terms of food quality, but the vibe is definitely awesome!

I am so happy
Average Pizza

Written from Toronto, Home on July 8, 2020

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