Time for some exercise.

Especially on a nice Sunday afternoon like today. We had a long weekend (Canada Day) and had a lot to drink, so this was good for us to be able to burn some calories. We went to high park because why the fuck not. Plus life boss suggested it so yes we had to go anyhow. It was only a 10 minute drive from our place so fine, whatever.

Surprisingly there was a lot of street parking available, thought it would be super packed. The park itself was not packed as well, mmm interesting. People were just chilling at the park, having a nice picnic. We should do that sometime too, it was such a nice day. So relaxing.

Back to high park, very beautiful as usual. Lot’s of trees and shit. Yep, don’t know what else to say about high park. It was just a nice day overall!

Looking at the map
Just walking through high park
Looking at trees

Written from Toronto, Home on July 5, 2020

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