Time for some fried chicken!

It was 2PM and we were damn hungry. We were walking around Kensington Market and there were a lot of food options around, but we ultimately decided on this restaurant called Knockout Chicken. Was craving some chicken BADLY. The menu is your typical fried chicken menu, aka combos are organized by the # of pieces of chicken you want. I got the four piece chicken called the welterweight (nice names). Life boss got a chicken burger because she wanted a burger. She usually doesn’t like burgers but lately she has been craving burgers.

The food was delicious, I thought the fried chicken was really juicy. Life boss wished it was more marinated but I would trade that in for juicy chicken legs and breasts. Feel like it was really freshly made. This was good, I would come back.

However, I have to rant about something (I always rant about something). The wait for the food was TOO DAMN LONG. We waited for almost 30 minutes. The shitty part was that other people in front of us got their food first. Swear they forgot about us. Oh well, at least the food was good. Otherwise I would have been super pissed!

Front of the restaurant
Chicken Burger
Our food
My juicy chicken

Written from Toronto, Home on July 5, 2020

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