Life Diary


Wow a month flew by since my last quarantine post.

Seems like things are getting back to normal.

Province is re-opening up.

You can go out and eat and dine in (though with restrictions).

Seems like we are getting back to the norm. Or at least the new norm.

There have been talks of a second wave…I hope not. Anyhow. I would like to let you know that I started cooking again.

And when I say cooking I mean reheating a bunch of shit.

So for this particular meal I present this:

My random dinner

Yes, a mash up of costco pizza, sausages, and eggs. Ha ha. What a fucking fabulous dinner. I bet Life boss must be super jealous.

That’s it, I have nothing else to report on. COVID19 has basically fucked my blog up. Hoping to be able to eat in restaurants soon so I can share with you all my experiences!


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