Life Diary


Life boss now has a boss of her own.

Introducing Baby Boss Choi. This little one came to the world 3 weeks ago and has been wrecking havoc ever since.

Seriously, how do you shit so much?

I guess its because of the absurd amount of milk you drink every damn day.

But then if you are eating so damn much why are you not sleeping?

and when you sleep why DO YOU NOT SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 1.5 HOURS.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing. Life boss is going crazy, and I have to go to work -> though I chose to go back to work early. We are still in COVID19 mode which means I am working from home anyways. But yes, this one is crying like there’s no fucking tomorrow! I sometimes take care of her and do calls at the same time to let life boss rest but man, this baby boss choi does not let me work. Cries every time I am on a damn call!

A lot of complaining.

But this one is still a bundle of joy (most of the times).

I am pretty sure this blog will be talking a lot about her going forward. Not sure if I should start a new section for Baby Boss? But this could go under life diary anyways…I shall think about this.

time to eat
need hair
small feet

Written from Toronto, Home on August 22, 2020


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