And since we moved uptown to Markham we had no idea where to find good Korean food. What is one to do? Go on ubereats and search for the nearest location with the most positive reviews. And voila out came Mom’s Kitchen Korean cuisine  which is just 15 minutes down the road at unionville. I ordered the pork bone soup (are you ever surprised), life boss got bimbimbap and finally topped it off with the seafood pancake. Life boss said her bimbimbap was good so I will take her word for it. For my pork bone soup I was initially disappointed because the portions were so damns small! only two pieces of pork! However, as I began to eat it I realize this shit was full of meat! Not like those other sissy Korean restaurants where it’s literally just BONES like as if the pig never had anything to eat. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of meat in this. The soup based was also superb, very flavorful. Okay this is good, good job Mom’s Korean Cuisine. The ONLY let down is the seafood pancake. That pancake was thick as fuck. Like my ass after a pizza session. Not impressed. But of course we didn’t want to waste it so now it’s sitting in my fridge which I have to finish soon. Sigh.

Overall, good eating experience. We shall try this again … soon….

Blurry Ass Pork Bone Soup
bimbimbap – am i spelling this right
thick ass seafood pancake
whole dinner

Written from Toronto, Home on August 22, 2020

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