Our go to Chinese breakfast place

Firstly, it is really refreshing to make everyone wait while I take photos of food for my blog. Brings back a lot of memories. I can’t wait to go out to more restaurants and take pictures and be like a tourist.

So for today’s post, I like to write about our go to Chinese cha chang teng (aka restaurant) called M Kitchen. We have been going to this restaurant for the last few years now.

Is it the best? Probably not. But we find it pretty affordable. Plus I usually get the satay instant noodles that comes with toast, two eggs and spam. For like 12 bucks or something? I forgot how much I pay now but its definitely cheap considering a McDonald’s meal is like $15 or something stupid like that.

It’s also not crowded (which maybe means it not as good haha) but we do like the spaciousness, especially when eating with baby boss.

We find the waitresses there to be really nice too, so that is an added bonus.

The washrooms are also very clean, a very important element given this is a breakfast meal (If you know, you know haha).

I hope you all have a chance to try this place out! Nothing special happen during the meal so i will leave it at that! Have a great weekend!

Our typical breakfast

Written from Toronto, Home, on May 24, 2023

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