Life Boss picked her last meal before going on hiatus for a month

So apparently baby boss # 2 is coming over the weekend. As such life boss will be bed ridden / can’t go out for an entire month. So I asked her, what do you want your last meal to be? Before you become bed ridden? I told her to choose whatever restaurant she wanted.

She ended up picking Scaddabush.


I mean, well Scaddabush isn’t the worse restaurant around. Think the last time we went was before COVID and I think that was an overall positive experience. But like, for your last meal? Really?

I thought she would pick a steakhouse or something. But yes, she can’t eat raw beef so okay.

But like…thought she pick a seafood restaurant, or a nice fine dine restaurant around the area, something like that you know?

Nope, she picked Scaddabush.

Well all good. We picked up baby boss # 1 and proceeded to go the Scarborough location.

It’s a nice big, comfy restaurant. Seems to be kid friendly too for all you young families out there. I forgot the price already, but I think it was alright. The portions was definitely reasonable. What did we get?

Let’s see…

  • Two appetizers
  • Some Chicken Pizza
  • Diavola
  • Some Pasta Dish
  • Another Pasta Dish
  • Two beers
  • Some mock tail drink
  • 3 orders of ice cream … lol

Yes, not really descriptive I know. To be fair life boss ordered the pasta dish’s and appetizers while I ordered the pizza. So then why did I forget what the name of the chicken pizza was? Because I told the waiter to recommend one and I didn’t bother to listen to what the name of the pizza was. I mean, you can’t really go wrong pizza. Right?

Overall, the meal was pretty good. So no complaints. Will I come back though? Mmmm.. I am not sure. Probably only if life boss says so. That is all.

Here’s to an interesting weekend!

Carb Galore
Yes we finished the appetizer before I was able to take a picture. Fail.
Mango Sorbet

Written from Toronto, Home, March 24, 2023


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