Life Diary

Guess Who’s Back?

Hello world! It’s Choi. It’s been a longgggg time. My last post was dated July 3, 2021. Wow, that’s almost like 2 years ago? So much has happened. We got past the pandemic, got a kid, didn’t travel much, gained a lot of weight, picked up new hobbies etc etc.

Okay but wait, why I am back?

Honestly, it’s because I could not sleep. And I needed something to do, so for whatever reason I decided to fire up my old blog to do some reading. I am serious. It’s like 2AM right now.

So yeah, as I am writing this live, I am wondering what I would actually write about going forward? Or would this be a one and done thing?

I don’t think so. I have always enjoyed writing. It’s just what do I want to write about?

Life boss?

Baby boss?


Don’t know. I just know our travel days though isn’t over, won’t be as intense as before. But we will definitely still travel given we have little ones now. Yes, we have little ones. And yes I have heard horror stories. But since life boss wants to go to Australia so badly I am sure we will be heading out sometime this year.

Hell we even have plans to travel in the summer, just so the little ones can get some flying experience. I have no idea how the hell we are going to survive that plan ride.

But hey, at least I have this blog to document that experience forever!

And for those that are new to this blog, please ignore my profanity in the past. I was young back then. And immature. Still immature though hah.

Alright, let’s get this blog restarted eat some choi!

PS – I had to pay $150 to get my flickr account back. I hope all my pictures still work -.-.

I look different eh?

Written from Toronto, Home, March 23, 2023


  1. Big breaks are inevitable, life really does have its way(s) of getting in the way! I attempt to get back to my blogging intermittently as well, for all the types of reasons you’ve mentioned! Although if I’m doing it at 2am it’s because I haven’t yet gone to bed, similarly, brain in overload!
    Congratulations on expanding family and look forward to hearing more from you.
    Best, Annabelle (Melbourne Australia – do come!)

    1. Hey! Thanks for leaving a note! Happy that you are into blogging too, i feel its a lost art. A fellow Australian =) My wife is Australian, we plan to come to Sydney at a minimum this December!

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