Blog Series – Introduction

Welcome to Choi’s blogging series! Here you will find two series, one I started with Life Boss, one by myself.  Both kind of died off because of our busy schedules, but I am committed to revive these two series. Going forward, expect more frequent posts! A synopsis of the two series are as follows:

Couples Therapy

Life Boss always says we don’t talk enough on the phone, in person, whatsapp etc. To me it’s because we both travel a lot for work, so it does get hard at times to re-connect. Luckily for Life Boss, Choi is a smart man so he said “hey! Let’s start a blogging series together!”.

In hindsight this was a disaster, because Life Boss with her perfectionist personality fine combed every damn post! I don’t understand why…

And that my friends, sums up this series in a nutshell.

It’s our platform to ask each other questions regarding why we think and do certain things.

Choi’s Cooking

I started this cooking series back in 2014 when I was living by myself in Hong Kong. As a single guy living in Hong Kong, I tried my hands on cooking to impress the ladies.

Needless to say that fail miserably. But I really liked documenting what I created, and now what Life Boss creates as well because she likes to cook as well.

Hopefully you enjoy reading these posts, but if you don’t it’s cool, it’s really for me anyways. Hah!


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