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is so cute….

I really like her hats on the show running man…here’s a couple more pictures:

For those that don’t know, shes a korean actress.  She’s also on the game show called Running Man (pretty popular in Korea).  Started watching this show…..2-3 months ago? forgot..im on episode 84 now..have slowed down considerably.  Guess the show has finally died down for me, but they still have their funny moments.

Of course, one of the reasons I started watching the show was because of her.

But man, where can I find those hats?  Those are some wicked hates, and would love to get my hands on one.

Three reasons why I love hats

Speaking of hats..here’s top three reasons why I love wearing hats:

1) They make a good fashion accessory.  In my opinion anyways.  I am not a fashion guru, but hats can go a long way in matching your outfit.  I am also a pretty laid back guy, which is probably one of the reasons why I like to wear hats so much (gives the image of being laid back in my opinion).

2) Too lazy to gel my hair.  It’s true.  Whenever I gel my hair, I have to go home and wash my hair before I go to sleep.  Not to mention I have to dry my hair as well.  By wearing a hat, I can go straight to sleep after a night outing.

3) Protects you from the sun.  OK, so I wear my cat backwards so I am not sure how much sun it blocks.  But the Sun’s UV rays can still harm your scalp, so by wearing a hat it can still help protect you!

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a hat collector myself, but over the years I have accumulated quite a bit of head gear. Here’s a description of each of the hats that I currently own:

Boston Red Sox

This is my favourite hat at the moment.  Mainly because it’s red.  But it’s also the Red Sox. Not sure when I became a Red Sox fan.  To be honest, I don’t really follow baseball that close.  But I remember when they finally won their first World Series in 2004, since 1914.  I only hope the Leafs can do this and end their drought as well.

Anyways, I got this hat at the Eaton Center in Downtown Toronto.  Don’t remember exaclty why I got it.  Think I got bored and just wanted a new cap.

Relatively new, bought it just this year (2012).

Boston Red Sox

Obtained this hat from a friend .. a couple of years ago, was for my birthday.  This was my first ever Boston Red Sox cap!  Unfortunately, it’s a little small for me so I can’t really wear it out anymore.

I am estimating that I got this hat..in…2008???

Boston Red Sox

Another Boston Red Sox cap.  Yes, I really like the Boston Red Sox.  This cap I  got a couple of years ago when I visited Boston. Bought the cap from Fenway Park!

On a side note, Boston is a really good place to visit.  It is a very relaxed city, and because it’s a campus city there’s a lot of bars around the area.  Hopefully I will get a chance to go back and visit sometime!

Oh, Boston lobsters are both cheap and good.  Recommend!!

Bought this hat in Boston in 2010!

Toronto Blue Jays

Got this Toronto Blue Jays because of a friends birthday.  The theme of the party was suppose to be all white, so I went out and bought a white cap lol.  Unfortunately, my dad threw it in the washer and it shrunk.  It still fits, but looks weird for some reason..so can’t wear it much anymore.

Bought this hat in 2011

Toronto Blue Jays

Another Toronto Blue Jays cap.  I do not know why I only have baseball team caps.  I think baseball team caps look better than the other leagues (i.e. hockey, basketball).  But then, I only own Jays and Red Sox caps.

This was an impulse buy.  The reason I bought this yellow cap is because the color unique (in my opinion).  I don’t have a crazy color like yellow in my current stable of hats, so why not add it?

Got this hat this year (2012)

Toronto Blue Jays

Purchased this hat during Canada Day.  Thought I would be festive by buying a red and white cap.  It’s another Toronto Blue Jays cap (I really need to buy more variety in terms of teams that I purchase).

This is my second favourite hat, coming close to my Boston Red Sox cap that I wrote about earlier.  As you can see, red is my favourite color!

Hat obtained in 2012!

Toronto Raptors

Finally, a non baseball team cap! Just in case you didn’t know, this cap belongs to the Toronto Raptors.  During the time when I resided in downtown, I would go to Raptors games quite often.  As such, it’s only natural that I would get a Raptors cap to wear to the games.

Got this hat last year (2011)

On a side note, Steve Nash recently signed with the LA Lakers.  I for one is happy that he did not sign with the Raptors.  Steve Nash deserves a championship, and he is not going to get it here in Toronto.

Good luck Nash!

Indianapolis Colts

This is the cap of the Indianapolis Colts.  They are my favourite NFL team, mainly because of Peyton Manning.  Although he is no longer with the Colts, they are still my number one team!  It’s going to be tough couple of years though, since they are now going through rebuilding.

Bought this hat during my business trip to Indianapolis last year.  Indianapolis is a small, relaxing city.  Not sure if I would go there for vacation though.

I haven’t really worn this hat much, because even though its a full cap it looks a bit weird when I wear it.   But hey, I had to get it since I was in Indianapolis!

Bought this hat in the US in 2011


Portugal!  Got this cap when I was still with my previous employer.  The World Cup was on, and my ex employer had a sale of World Cup merchandise.  Being the C. Ronaldo fan that I am, of course I had to buy this hat!

Got this hat in 2010!

Washing hats

One problem I have is that whenever I wash one of my hats, it shrinks and the actual shape of the hat becomes messed up.  So I did some research on how to properly wash hats!

When washing caps, there are two basic concerns:

1) Shape of the hat will change

2) The rim of the hat will be damaged / changed

This happens when you use the clothe washer to wash your baseball hats.

Therefore, the only way to clean your hats is clean it when a cloth and some detegerent.  You can rub the interior of the hat gently.  Apparently sweat stains may still remain, but at least it’s cleaner than before.  You can learn more about washing caps in the following website:



When writing this post, I thought of Edison Chen for some reason.  He’s a Hong Kong celebrity whom is known for his sex scandals.  That being said, I like his music as it’s different from the mainstream canto pop that is dominating Hong Kong’s music scene.

The following song “I Can Fly” was produced by Jay Chou (a Taiwan Singer).  It’s a good song.  Even if you hate him,  I say you give this song a try!  Unfortunately..I can’t find the english lyrics to this song…..still try it out!

Thanks for reading! Till next time!

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