South Korea

What I researched about Korea!



My next work trip is a visit to the beautiful country of Korea.  As some of you know, I am a big running man fan (Korean Variety Game Show).  As such I am super excited about this trip.

I really like the culture, site attractions, landmarks and history behind this country.  The food, not so big on although there are some local delicacies I would like to get my hands on and try.

Did some research, here’s some sites I would like to visit when I am in Seoul. (or things I want to eat).  Note this will probably change as my co workers will probably want to do something else (i.e. shopping -.-).

Nam Sang Tower

Here’s a quick blurg I got from google (

“Seoul Tower, also called Namsan Tower or, more recently, N Seoul Tower, is located in the centre of Seoul on Mount Namsan. Seoul Tower was opened to the public for the first time on the 15th of October 1980. Namsan Tower is 236.7 metres high and, because it stands on top of Mount Namsan, it rises to about 480 metres above sea level, thus allowing visitors to enjoy a great panoramic view of Seoul.”


Will probably visit this place the first day we get in. I am big on night scenery, so super excited about this attraction!

DMZ (Demilitarized zone)
The DMZ is the strip of land between North and South Korea.  My friend has told me that you can visit this room where there is a table.  This table is literally the division line between North and South Korea.  I have also been told, that from the South Side you can see North Korean Citizens.  Some say they are just paid actor, portraying a happy image to the outside world. haha i dono. but i want to see it for my self.


This is an area within Seoul.  I have been told this is a party district for young people.  My co workers wants to check it out.  As such, I am obligated to join them. haha.  Still will be fun to see how Koreans party….

I hope I don’t hear Gangnam Style…(sorry but its really over played)


…seriously enough is enough!!

Tteokbokki, also known as ddeokbokki or topokki??



I saw this food in Running man, and man I want to try it bad. This is like..rice cake..haha i have nothing else to add.


I will have more on my to do list as days go by (I am procrastinating now).  But I will post more of my trip once we actually arrive.

Till then, happy chinese new year, happy valentines day, etc etc.


You and I, we’re like day and night,
which cannot be together
The only thing we split and shared is longing
You get drunk one night, come to me and
fuss that you’re gonna sleep with me

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