Chinese New Years in HK!

Chinese New Years with the little cousins


So finally got to cross something out from my to do in life list..which is to spend chinese new years in Hong Kong!  As expected, quite different from Toronto.  For one…nothing is open..haaha except for McDonalds (yes shameless promotion).  Anyways, hectic couple of days..try to recap here:

New Years Eve

Went to gramps for new years eve.  Concept is basically the same as regular new years.  Gathering of family, have a big feast. As such:


There were more dishes after this, but i was too busy eating so i didn’t bother taking any more pictures.

One good thing about these gatherings. i get to see all my lovely cousins! it’s never quiet when they are around (which is a good thing).  Here’s some pix!





Day 1

Spent Day 1 (well techically eve night going to early morning) playing MJ.  Lost a like motherfucker haha got owned hardcore.  Need to improve on MJ skills. Went home and slept at 5AM..then went to gramps again in the morning.

This was the day to hustle, hustle for red envelopes that is.  Yes i have a stack at home. haha. can’t wait till i go to work so i  can get more envelopes from my bosses!

Day 1 was long and tiring..so i am going to sleep early today..because.. apparently we have to wake up early again tommorow to pray to the gods or something..don’t really understand it.  I am also suppose to receive “start work” lucky money.  Yes. More money. Excellent.

Days off

Seriously, Hong Kong may not have as much annual days off as Canada, but it definitely has a lot more public holidays.  I am off 5 days (including saturday and sunday).  Therefore, id on’t have to go to work till thursday, and then i am going to work from home on friday.  Yes.  Excellent haha.

Upcoming Events

I am very excited for my next trip.  Will be announced soon with a list of my must do!

Happy New Years!

and how i miss this.

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