How to make moon cakes (the short version)



So this past weekend, i made some moon cake with couple friends.

For those that don’t know, mooncake is something we eat during autumn festival.  I don’t know how to explain autumn festival.  You can wiki that.

Anyways, I will recap what we did.  This is a tutorial how to make moon cakes.  Because frankly i still don’t know how to make it. just want to recap the experience.


We went to a baking store and picked up all sorts of weird ingredients.  I’ll list them out here:

Seasame filling:




Alkaline Water


Lotus Filling:




we also had eggs, flour, water and several other ingredients i forgot to take pictures of.  told you it’s not a tutorial.


Once we got all the ingredients, we started mixing things.  First we mixed syrup with flour:


Then we started mixing the two so it becomes a solid:


Once mixed, we made it into a smooth ball.


Then we made mini balls out of the fillings that we bought:


Then we covered the fillings with the syrup / flour skin.

Then we moulded it.  Then we baked it.

This is the result:


haha sorry i know i rushed the end.  It was a late night on friday and i was really tired so i wasn’t paying much attention.  But anyways, it was a fun experience.  I brought my moon cakes to Taiwan! Will be eating them in a few days…will let you guys know how it is…hahah. yep.


Cause its hebe.

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