Streets of Kwun Tong, Hong Kongimage
So I realize, I blog a lot about my work trips.  However, I actually don’t blog as much about Hong Kong (other than events).

So i made it a mission to try to explore a district every chance that I get.

Since I am lazy, i will do the  first one about Kwun Tong.

The great district of Kwun Tong. haha.

Old District


Kwun Tong is where I live at the moment. It’s at the kowloon side. Admittedly, it’s an old district.  However I have been told it’s going to be transformed into the next causeway bay.  But it probably won’t happen for another 20 years.

Although it’s old, it has several good eateries.  Most of it is hidden away in some ghetto corner.  For example my favourite curry place is locked away in a corner, surrounded by garages.  It’s quite dirty.  But the food is quite nice.

Another place that I love to eat at is this little place that sells spicy noodles.  The soup best is dam delicious.  It’s actually combination of spicy and sour, and then they put the beef on top.





When I am feeling active and not lazy, I take this stairways up to my place.  This is only one set.  There’s another set.  So two in total.  As I am out of shape I am usually tired, out of breath, and sweaty when i reach the top.  But it does feel good.

Anyways, that’s about it.  There isn’t really much in Kwun Tong lol.  Next time I’ll try to visit somewhere more interesting.  Like causeway bay or TST.

Till next time

Really like this song atm.


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