The team at a german restaurant in Guangzhou.image

We ate mostly western food at Guangzhou. Yes. Italian, German, Thai, McD. lol.  Didn’t try much local food…maybe next time…anyways..back in HK now.  was in GZ for three weeks, as predicted didn’t do much sight seeing (i head back to HK every weekend).  But will recap some of the experiences.



As we had a lot of special guests coming in, we were drinking every night.  Not hardcore drinking, but definitely not good for my physique.  Or what is left of it.  I need to jog and exercise again btw.

At the german restaurant there is this drink (beer plus sprite).  It seems like a weird combo, but at the risk of sounding like a chick, it tastes pretty dam good….i didn’t order one though. the girls did n i took a sip. hah.


We usually eat dinner around 8 n finish by 10..which at this time it would be virtually impossible to get a taxi.  I have no idea why.  Guangzhou is suppose to be a growing city.  Yet i can not find a way to get back to the hotel at 10PM.

Anyways, due to the lack of luck in getting taxi, we ended up taking the MTR.

First time taking the MTR in China.  Yea, nothing special. lol.



Took a stroll around Guangzhou at night.  You know, people say it’s dangerous but…not sure if its as dangerous as Delhi.  Delhi i was scared.

GZ…there are a lot of scammes but…all in all..didn’t feel too bad.

The project is done now, so i will be in HK for a week or so…until the next project.

Side Note – I got bored, so i am going to start studying soon again.  Will blog about this next time.



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